Resources We Like

Post-conventional leadership:

A colleague of mine Neil Crofts is a brilliant and provocative author.

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Harthill, home of the Leadership Development Framework, is a consultancy that specialises in transformation.

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Wise refreshing business and personal development advice:

Seth Godin is an author and fresh thinker about business and getting important things done. His daily blog frequently provokes and stimulates me.

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I find the Getting Things Done® personal productivity management system pioneered by David Allen, to be the most relevant and adaptable system/ philosophy to manage the crazy demands of the digital age. Next Action Associates are one of the few consultancies in Europe that are licensed to train the GTD system. Their blogs give many potent insights into getting the most from this methodology.

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I love Josh Bernoff’s straight talking no-nonsense advice on writing with impact. His daily blogs share that wisdom, often using real-time examples of good and darn awful writing in the public domain.

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Graeme Cowan and his team help leaders and their tribes be more agile, resilient, and avoid burnout. Very real, well-researched and gritty.

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Resources for living life well:

I have been a member of this flourishing church for over 25 years. The teaching, based on ancient Christian wisdom, is contemporary, provocative, informative, well-researched and compassionate. 

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