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Managing resilience is becoming a growing challenge, for both individuals and organisations, for example, nearly 40% of UK businesses saw an increase in stress-related absence over the past year, according to the CIPD’s 2019 Health and Well-being at Work report, produced in partnership with Simplyhealth.

Heavy workloads and management styles were found to be the top two causes of stress-related absence.

The challenge: How to maintain energy, focus and motivation in an insanely busy world.

In partnership with a colleague, I have developed a scientifically grounded and holistic approach to developing resilience that has proven to be highly effective with ridiculously busy senior people.

For example, we ran a programme for the FD’s of a FTSE100 that were buckling under the pressures of being part of a publicly quoted global business; every participant significantly grew their resilience and reported numerous practical benefits.

How do we know? We used three data points:

A pre and post assessment using our resilience diagnostic.

A self-assessment of progress based on our resilience model.

A peer and CFO assessment based on our resilience model.