Meet Matthew Gregory

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Matthew has been working in the field of personal and organisation change for the thick end of 30 years and his work is focused on enabling leaders, teams and organisations to change - improving and transforming their performance. Before starting Real-Eyes in 2007, he spent nine years working as a Senior Manager at KPMG, one of the Big 4 global accounting and consulting firms.

Matthew has worked with a wide range of leaders and professionals and has a particular expertise in enabling them to convert change efforts into tangible results. He spent two of his last four years at KPMG leading an organisation wide change programme (Impact to Win!) with the top two tiers of leaders in KPMG Corporate Finance. The programme focused on breaking through to new levels of personal and organisational performance. The Board attributed part of the 29% growth in income to the work of this programme. During the programme, engagements with fees of more than £750k increased from four to 17!

Matthew has experience in a wide range of sectors and has worked extensively across Europe, North & South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Matthew has collaboration agreements in place with several highly experienced change professionals, each of whom bring something specialised and distinctive which can add significant value to projects.

Along with 30 years’ experience, Matthew also brings a strong academic foundation – he has a first-class honours degree in Business Studies and a Master’s degree in Change Agent Skills & Strategies, which is a highly practical programme focusing on advanced coaching and facilitation skills and post-conventional approaches to leading change within organisations. Additionally, he is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Matthew has taken a good dose of the personal development medicine that he freely dispenses to others and has been trained in the following personal and organisation development approaches: Systemic Coaching & Constellations, Gestalt Psychology, NLP, Human Systems Dynamics, Transactional Analysis and Psychosynthesis. These psychological models underpin his thinking and approaches.

“Matt was great at facilitating sessions for our most senior people. The content was sensitive and Matt’s facilitation was characterised by a good balance of support and challenge.  He helped create a safe, open environment which enabled people to say what they were really thinking and feelingand led to some really honest conversations.”
Sarah Bond
UK Head of Diversity for a Global Professional Services Firm

“Trying to get a group of senior, experienced and successful people to consider new ways of doing things is always a challenge. Matthew did this with skill and style and was effective at getting people to accept that they might need to change the way they operated along with some practical approaches indicating how they might do that. Some of these changes contributed to people winning work that they would not have otherwise won – very effective.”

Tom Franks
UK Chief Operating Officer for a Global Professional Services Firm

Mathew worked with us to develop our Account Leader development programme and account management toolkit. He provided and produced high quality content and approaches that were seamlessly integrated with elements of our own approaches to create a bespoke and powerful Build Asset Consultancy approach to client development and relationship management. A pleasure to work with.

Tim Neal

Matthew is a sensitive and supportive facilitator who makes a point of ensuring participants are both challenged and supported. As a learner I was always in control of my own learning, while Matt’s mastery of the learning process helped me to get as much from it as possible.

Phil Lowe
Writer/Director, leadership coach and facilitator
“Matthew led this organisation change programme by understanding what the business needed to transform its performance, designing a programme that met those needs and showing great resilience in pushing it through. He took some substantial but considered risks and to achieve results that were genuinely transformational. Both commercially and for our senior people it has been a real success.”
Tom Franks
UK Chief Operating Officer for a Global Professional Services Firm
“Our learning team was part of a twelve month development programme for our most senior people and met for two hours each month. Matthew led it and enabled five senior people to talk openly about the challenges and opportunities they were facing in their personal and professional lives. I found it to be a rewarding and powerful experience – really valuable – which is the only reason why five senior and very busy people invested that much time in it – we still meet 18 months after the programme has finished.”
Tom Franks
UK Chief Operating Officer for a Global Professional Services Firm

“In practising for a demanding Director promotion panel, Matthew was superb at giving me tough feedback – he didn’t duck the difficult things that need to be said. He didn’t just challenge me though, he also helped me to refine my presentation and approach and came up with a number of really good ideas. He encouraged me to take some considered risks that spiced up my presentation. The net effect was that I grew in confidence and when it came to the crunch, I blew the panel’s socks off!”

A Director promotion candidate
“Over the five years I have seen him in action, whilst employed by us, Matthew has led a number of projects that have materially improved the way our business operates”
Simon Collins
UK Chief Executive Officer for a Global Professional Services Firm

Matt is a great coach, supportive with the right amount of challenge and very clear standards of performance to get you to develop a whole new skill set.

Felicity Lee
Chartered Business Psychologist and Executive Coach