Matthew has been working in the field of personal and organisation change for the thick end of 30 years.

He is an experienced coach, change consultant and facilitator who has led a wide range of programs in the fields of leadership, D&I and change management. Below are some of the psychometrics Matthew is licensed to work with. 

Margerison & McCann’s Team Management Systems

The Team Management Profile looks at your complete range of preferences around our unique and extensively researched Types of Work Model.

It helps you to see how easily you can operate in areas away from your main preferences.

Extensive research shows that role preferences stem from the strength and breadth of an individual's scores across four critical scales.

A personal Profile shows how preferences are formed, how strong and stable they are and what it means for how a person does their job and works with others.


Torbert, Fisher & Rooke’s Vertical Leadership Development Framework

We used to think that adult - and leader - development stopped in early adulthood. It doesn’t. Not only can we continue grow in experience, knowledge and skill during adulthood (horizontal development), we can also transform how we see and relate to the world (vertical development).

Most developmental psychologists now agree that what differentiates leaders is not so much their philosophy of leadership, their personality, or their style of management, but rather it’s their internal worldview or Action Logic – how they construct reality and respond to emerging situations, and plan for the future. 

You can read more about this in the Harvard Business Review article Seven Transformations of Leadership. The Leadership Development Profiling tool is a robust way of identifying your primary Action Logic – that is, the most complex Action Logic that informs your thinking and action on an everyday basis.

Once you know your starting point you are in a powerful position to consciously grow and develop.

Download the Seven Transformations of Leadership

Performance Climate Systems measure of team culture

Unique in what it measures, how it works and how it adds value the Performance Climate System evaluates the critical elements of climate and leadership that are the true drivers of team performance.

Team climate is a major factor affecting success. The Performance Climate System empowers leaders, teams and organisations to pinpoint, measure and improve the critical transactional and transformational elements affecting team performance.

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The Association of Executive Coaching’s Team-Connect-360 that measures performance in the five dimensions of high performing teams

Team Connect 360 is a powerful 360° team diagnostic tool which provides valuable data from stakeholders about a team’s strengths and development areas.

Discovery Learning’s Change Style Indicator – a measure of change preference.

Change Style Indicator is an assessment instrument designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching change and in addressing situations involving change. Three primary styles exist on a continuum: Conserver – Pragmatists - Originator.