Who we work with: Individuals

Matthew has been coaching in an organisational setting since 1995 and has coached over 300 leaders and professionals – some were no more than 1-2 sessions - enough to facilitate someone getting unstuck; others lasted 12 months or more as we worked with more complex issues.

Matthew was initially trained in the GROW model with the Olympian David Emery. During his MSc Change Agent Skills & Strategies (2002-5) he was introduced to a much broader range of coaching approaches that developed the capacity to work both systemically and at depth. He was trained in and has direct personal experience in the following personal development models: Gestalt psychology, NLP, Transactional Analysis and Psychosynthesis. These psychological models underpin Matthew's coaching interventions.


Subsequently, he has added trainings in ontological coaching, systemic team coaching and constellations. His coaching style has evolved to become more eclectic, working with a variety of coaching and personal development models, enabling him to select those approaches that are best suited to help the client navigate their particular challenges.

In terms of models of coaching, Matthew has been trained and assessed to master’s degree level in Heron’s Six Category Interventions Analysis and Egan’s Skilled Helper model. He also has considerable experience in both ontological and systemic team coaching.


Feedback from People Matthew Has Coached Reveals He Has a Particular Expertise in the Following Three Areas:

Enabling leaders to convert change efforts into tangible results, for example Matthew led a twelve-month personal and business transformation programme for all Partners and Directors at KPMG Corporate Finance. It focused on enhancing their impact and presence to enable the business to move to a higher value space in the market. Board members attributed part of the 29% growth in the business to this programme. During the programme engagements with fees in excess of £750k increased from four to 17!

Helping leaders to enhance their presence and gravitas in pressure-cooker situations.

Helping leaders use the opportunities afforded by normal life to experiment and raise their performance levels.

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Examples of His Coaching Work Include:

At KPMG Matthew used to coach most Corporate Finance Partner & Director candidates – to sharpen their business cases and help them build their presence and gravitas. He has subsequently coached leaders in other professional service firms.

Helping a leader to enhance their presence and gravitas and to open new markets.

Helping a professional to secure a new role and to start with a bang!

Supporting the leader of a change programme to lead an important transition in their business.

Enabling a leader to get more comfortable and courageous with personal risk-taking and in doing so to significantly raise their game.

Working with a technical specialist who needed to influence effectively in a complex organisational situation where they had no hierarchical power.

Coaching numerous leaders, supporting and challenging them to grow to the next level as part of a wider leadership development programme.

Systemic team coaching with numerous leadership teams.

Coaching multiple action learning teams as part of a broader leadership transformation programme.

“In practising for a demanding Director promotion panel, Matthew was superb at giving me tough feedback – he didn’t duck the difficult things that need to be said. He didn’t just challenge me though, he also helped me to refine my presentation and approach and came up with a number of really good ideas. He encouraged me to take some considered risks that spiced up my presentation. The net effect was that I grew in confidence and when it came to the crunch, I blew the panel’s socks off!”

A Director promotion candidate