Consulting and Selling High Value Solutions Toolkit

Tools and performance aids play an important role in helping people raise their game. Based on a LOT of research and experience, we have developed a high-end toolkit that helps professionals involved in consulting engagements and who sell high-value solutions.

If you scroll down, you will find a short video that showcases the tools associated with one skill area: value-based pricing. At the Courses You Present website (link below), you will find a series of short videos showcasing the tools associated with all 13 skill areas.

The tools were developed from the following experiences:

Matthew spent nine years working as a Senior Manager at KPMG. For part of that time he led KPMG’s sales training.

He also spent a lot of time coaching and training Partners & Directors to grow their personal impact, win more pitches and increase their penetration of key accounts.

Based on both that work and a review of the latest evidence-based approaches on skills and approaches that are ACTUALLY enabling professionals to better sell High Value Solutions, he has developed a comprehensive toolkit.

This comprises 40 tools and performance aids organised under 13 key topic areas.

Both the tools associated with one topic area, and the entire toolkit are available for purchase through our subsidiary Courses You Present (link below).


If you’d like to find out more about this toolkit, either send me a message or visit the Courses You Present website (our subsidiary business that sells this and other IP).

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Here is a short video that showcases the tools associated with one of the skill areas covered in the toolkit: value-based pricing.
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